Ever since the day I escaped

it has gone by seven days

I stayed my arrogance and pretend

all is vanity in the dream of the day

Saturated in sigh and secret

the thread of destiny

is said to be

stained the color of red as scarlet

Here comes the ultimate end

I closed my eyes,And I wake up

Do you also shroud the sleepiness today

There should be something

more than what you said to me

if that is the case

So you walk far far away

if that moment finally came

I would carry all my dreams

and love onto the trival phrase

Yeah I will let my hands go

so as to wind up all these days

Is it because

your shadow fades away

No, that ain’t the truth

So you walk far far away

and the moment passes by

why not fly to the moon

and rest in peace

but rather choose to stay

That the room is brightly lit

in which there is not exit

is the tolling tolling bell of the release

The destination of this trip

reaches down to the bottom eve

Even without bidding farewell

we separated

From there I’ll let my hands go

so as to wind up all these days

I will also let my shadow fade away。